At Citée Dorée, providing remarkable after sale service is our priority.

While some pieces simply need to be reset, cleaned and polished, others may need a complete makeover. Pat and his team will work closely with you to ensure that your piece is restored to its original beauty or redesigned to make it uniquely yours.

Watch Repair

Cité Dorée, is an authorized retailer and representative of many Swiss Watch brands.  Our service department and professional certified watchmaker would be happy to assist with your timepiece requirements, from changing a battery or a bracelet to polishing your high-end watch and performing an overhaul for your timepiece with free estimation.


Cité Doré creates exclusive jewellery. Our business is an art of passion and dedication with a 40-year history of perfection, expertise and workmanship. Pat Ragusa with his passion for jewellery and creation since 1976 has created thousands of exclusive models and could design a style that could accent your personal distinction. Our jewellery is designed according to your personality and your taste. We can also remodel a jewellery piece that you have in your possession. Whether you have a design in mind that you wish to create, or existing jewellery you wish to restore or transform. Come and let us offer you a gem that is unique and has your image!

Jewellery Repair

Our qualified staff and in-house goldsmiths are happy to assist you with all repair and restoration needs, our master jeweller has thirty-five years of experience. We repair gold, platinum and silver jewellery and many services will be performed to accommodate our clients need, ring sizing, diamond setting, and pearl restringing. We provide you with what is needed and required for your jewellery with the utmost professionalism.